August Can Be a Cool Month!

Replace Your Cooling System and Live Happier

August often gets a bad rap. The weather is sticky, kids head back to school, and summer finally rolls to an end. This trio of developments can make the eighth month of the year seem like a bit of a downer. But, actually, August has plenty to offer! It is chock-full of wonderful days to celebrate, such as International Beer Day, National Watermelon Day, Book Lovers Day, Relaxation Day and even National Creamsicle Day! With all these fun celebrations throughout the month, how could anyone not love August?

We know our mascot Penguin Peet does! Peet is super content to celebrate as he relaxes with a good book and enjoys an icy creamsicle. August never lets Peet get overheated because he is always perfectly chill inside his well-regulated igloo—no matter what the weather brings. What about you? Are you as comfortable as Peet in your dwelling? Or have the August temperatures taken a toll on your indoor cooling? If your indoor comfort needs some attention and you’re looking for AC replacement in Linden, VA, Cool Techs can help!

When It’s Time to Change, Then It’s Time to Change!

First things first. How do you know when it’s time to replace your current cooling system? Good question! Fortunately, there are a handful of telltale signs that can tip you off.

Some of these hints include:

  • Your electric bill has suddenly increased
  • Your AC system is more than 10 years old.
  • You have noticed poor air flow.
  • You’re experiencing warm and cold spots throughout the house.
  • You hear strange sounds or smell foul odors.
  • Your system is running, but your home isn’t getting cool.

If any of these hit too close to home, it’s probably time to replace your current system. The good news is that today’s modern air conditioning offers quite a few options. Here are explanations and tips for three popular types.

Central air conditioning

Most folks are very familiar with central air conditioning. Central AC utilizes a duct system that moves air into all rooms of your house. The most common type of unit is the split system. This utilizes an outdoor compressor unit and an indoor coil filled with refrigerant that cools the air through the duct system and releases the chilled relief into your home.

Ductless mini-splits

For those homeowners who don’t have pre-installed ductwork, the mini-split is an excellent cooling choice. It’s a great way to deliver cool air to a specific area of your home. Basically, it lets you control temperatures in your desired zone—so you get cool air exactly where you need it. For this reason, mini-splits are extremely efficient and a great choice for ductless homes.

Heat pumps

Don’t let the word “heat” confuse you here. Heat pumps actually move heat, rather than generate it. So, in the summertime when you need cooler inside air, the heat pump pushes warm air out of your house and surrounds you with the cool stuff. And its efficiency is two-fold. While it cools your home in the summer, it also can heat your place in the winter (by pulling warm air inside)!

We Can Keep You Chill

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today! When your home needs AC maintenance in Middletown, VA, or AC installation in Front Royal, VA, call the experts at Cool Techs for quick, efficient service. Our technicians are only a phone call away! Call 540.631.1242 today!