Ease That Sneeze

Install an Air Purifier This Season

In and around the Northern Virginia area, we are fortunate to enjoy a multitude of beautiful trees. The blooming and blossoming of maples, cedars, birch, juniper and ash trees are always a welcome sight come spring and their colorful beauty is enjoyed all summer long.

That is, unless you suffer from allergies.

If the trees of spring and summer cause you watery eyes, a scratchy throat or constant sneezing, then you probably curse the season. Sure, your allergy shots and daily medicines help, but being outside during the days of high pollen can still be a challenge. It is during this time that you are most likely to retreat indoors to take respite in air conditioning. But wait: Did you know there is another solution to help ease that sneeze? Invest in a new indoor air purifier or cleaner from Cool Techs Heating & Air and kick those allergies to the curb!

Choose Wisely, Choose Fresh IAQ!

For those Virginians who suffer from tree or pollen allergies, an indoor air quality system can do wonders. After all, you spend more than 85 percent of your time indoors, so why wouldn’t you want to breathe in the cleanest and freshest air possible? If you’re tired of breathing in dust and pollen that’s accumulated in your home, call the experts at Cool Techs for some clean air recommendations. We’d love to help you breathe better—and sneeze less—with the installation of a new air purifier.

Here are five reasons to invest in a new air purifier today.

  1. It will help your allergies. Want to boost your immune system and breathe cleaner air? An air purification system will filter out those bad allergens and be kinder to your lungs.
  2. You’ll have less dust floating around. With an air purifier, those dust particles will easily fly the coop.
  3. You’ll say bye bye to odors. Do you have family members who smoke? Lingering kitchen smells? Pet odors? Installing an air purifier will neutralize these smells and provide fresher indoor air.
  4. Breathe better. Easily filter out airborne particles and mold spores with purified air.
  5. Airborne bacteria will take a hike. When you choose a new UV light technology air purifier, you can kill up to 99.9 percent of the airborne bacteria in your home.

Service Is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

OK, so you’re sold on improving your indoor air quality and are ready and willing to breathe fresher air. What’s next? Call the pros at Cool Techs Heating & Air to set up your expert installation and start improving your lungs today! While you’re at it, take a peek at our service plans. We offer comprehensive gold and platinum residential plans and commercial service plans for all of your HVAC needs.

Our plans offer such benefits as:

  • 10 to 15 percent off repairs or installation
  • Priority service
  • Spring and fall tune-ups
  • Automatic scheduling
  • 15-point inspections
  • … And much more!

Call us today at 540.631.1242!