Re-Energize Your Body and Soul This Fall

And Give Your Heating System Special Treatment, Too!

Summer has officially ended and fall has quietly taken its place. And as wonderful as autumn can be, it tends to bring a great deal of stress—mainly because it reminds us of the upcoming holiday season. We all love the holiday excitement, but we don’t always enjoy the extra tension and preparation that comes along with it. Before the craziness of turkey day and eternal cookie baking take their toll, why not treat yourself to some TLC?

October is the perfect time to put your feet up and relax before the rigmarole of November and December rolls in. Are you in? We thought so! Here are five ideas on how you can relax before the mad holiday rush.

  • Visit a spa. There is truly no better way to relax than spending a day getting pampered at the spa. Schedule a massage, some aromatherapy, a facial or even a steam room visit. Afterward, you’ll feel refreshed and energized to tackle anything the upcoming holidays throw your way.
  • Take a nature hike. Grab the dog, head to a trail and enjoy the simple pleasures that nature has to offer. Now is the perfect time of year for a crisp walk where you can take in all of the colorful leaves and babbling brooks. When you put yourself at one with nature, it’s bound to have a rewarding affect on your wellbeing.
  • New haircut. What better way to energize yourself than by reinventing yourself with a new haircut? A fresh new cut is guaranteed to lift your spirits and put you in a more upbeat mood. Guys, this includes you, too!
  • Yoga. When your mind and body need to relax and unwind, turn to yoga. Its refreshing benefits and mindful strength can rejuvenate even the most stressed out professional. Check for classes in your area!
  • Schedule some alone time to read. Why not try one of the simplest and most inexpensive methods of relaxation? Grab a book and find your favorite cozy chair. Set some low lighting and mood music, put your feet up and enjoy some quiet time.

Give Your Heating Element the Spa Treatment, Too!

OK, now that you’re feeling refreshed and energized, don’t forget there are other things that deserve special treatment this fall, too—like your heating system, for instance. Do you know how to pamper your heating element so it runs at top efficiency this winter? No worries. At Cool Techs, we do.

Here are the three special fall treatments for the most widely used heating systems. Find yours below and get busy!


  • Inspect flame
  • Check for corrosion
  • Drain and flush the tank


  • Change filters
  • Check and tighten electrical connections
  • Clean condensate drain lines

Heat pumps

  • Head outside to remove debris from outside unit
  • Check thermostat to be sure it is properly calibrated
  • Check return air filter

It’s Tune-Up Time!

Of course, we realize that some of these fall treatments require the knowledge of an advanced HVAC technician. With the change of seasons, now is the perfect time to call the experts at Cool Techs for a bit of fall heating maintenance. Our highly skilled technicians will do a thorough inspection and tune-up of your entire heating system so you’ll be cozy and relaxed all winter long. Call us today at 540.631.1242!