September is for Wine Tasting

…and Fall Heating Tips!

September signifies the change of seasons and often ushers in those welcome breezes and cooler temperatures. And while it also has us mourn the loss of summer days, there are still plenty of exciting adventures to plan as we transition into fall. Take wine tasting, for instance! September through October is the perfect time of year to trade in your summertime gin and tonic for a nice fall merlot. In fact, Linden, VA, is home to quite a few vineyards and wineries. So, before the rigmarole of the upcoming holidays sets in, why not head out for some wine tasting?

Of course, prior to tasting, you may want to learn the five secrets to creating the perfect wine. After all, even the tastiest wine isn’t made overnight. There is a very calculated progression that goes into the entire process. To celebrate the upcoming wine season, we’d like to educate you on the five stages of wine making.

  • Harvesting. Fine wine can only be made when grapes are picked at the precise time. Timing is a combination of both science and taste testing.
  • Crushing & pressing. Long gone are the days when men and women crush the grapes with their feet! These days, machines perform the tradition of crushing and pressing the grapes.
  • Fermentation. Fermentation is the process that turns grape juice into alcohol. It can take anywhere from 10 days to a month or more.
  • Clarification. Clarification of wine is the process where insoluble particles in the wine are removed before bottling. This process may include fining, filtration, flotation, refrigeration and pasteurization.
  • Aging & Bottling. The final stage of wine making involves the aging and the bottling of the wine. To achieve the desired taste, some wines, such as Beaujolais Nouveau, are bottled immediately, while others, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, are further aged in stainless steel or ceramic tanks, large wooden ovals or small barrels.

Fall Into Comfort

Of course, as the seasons change, you shouldn’t just aim for perfection when it comes to your cocktail. Just as there are five stages to making perfect tasting wine, there are also five steps to ensuring perfect fall comfort! We are happy to educate you on these stages, too. So, grab that glass of merlot, and take notes!

Here are five maintenance tips that will help you seamlessly slip from summer into fall with perfect indoor comfort as you sip on that glass of wine.

  • Clear away debris. You don’t want anything compromising the function of your unit. Be sure to remove twigs, branches, grass clippings or any other debris that might be obstructing your outdoor unit.
  • Call the pros. A proper cleaning of your outdoor fan and condenser coils is in order. Call Cool Techs for expert service.
  • Clear furnace vents. Before you turn on the heating system, it’s wise to be sure your vents aren’t blocked. Proper airflow increases energy efficiency and the life of your system.
  • Change filters. Better airflow is the result of clean, updated filters!
  • Clean your house. Keeping your home clean and free of allergens will eliminate the amount of dirt and debris that gets into your HVAC system.

Remember, Cool Techs is always available for fall tune-ups and HVAC maintenance. Call us anytime at 540.631.1242 to set up your appointment!