The Tricks and Treats of Home Comfort

Make the Most of This Season’s Indoor Warmth

October is filled with lots of cool stuff—breezy weather, falling leaves, flannel shirts, beer fests and even spooky ghosts and goblins. But the bewitching question remains: Is your heating system prepared for all of the change that lies ahead? Do you know the tricks to achieving superior indoor comfort as the weather transitions? No worries. The experts at Cool Techs know. And we are happy to share our tricks!

In honor of Halloween this month, we’ve compiled a list of seven home maintenance tricks (and their resulting treats) to help you prepare and live comfortably this fall.

Trick: Adjust your thermostat.
Treat: Program your thermostat for a lower temperature during the hours you aren’t at home. The average household can actually save 2 percent per month on utility bills for every degree the thermostat is lowered.

Trick: Plug and seal any air leaks.
Treat: Sealing any leaks prior to colder weather is a huge plus. You want to keep warm air inside your home, not allowing it to escape outside. Warm air moves through cracks and leaks quickly, causing your system to work harder. Eliminate this scenario by sealing and caulking all window or door cracks ASAP.

Trick: Run your ceiling fans in reverse at low speed.
Treat: During the winter months, you can reverse your fan’s motor and run your fan at a low speed. This helps force warm air near the ceiling down into your living space—keeping you cozier.

Trick: Keep your home clean.
Treat: Running a tight ship and maintaining a clean home will help eliminate dust bunnies, dander and other allergens that fly through your home and get stuck in your ducts. A cleaner house equals cleaner ducts and results in a system that doesn’t need to work as hard—saving you money.

Trick: Replace smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries.
Treat: This one is a no-brainer. Replacing the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors twice a year can only improve your home’s safety. Be sure to test each alarm once you’ve changed the batteries, too!

Trick: Replace filters.
Treat: Would you prefer a more efficiently run heating system this fall? Then your best trick would be to change your filters now. Cleaner filters mean fresher and cleaner air and will give you a system that doesn’t have to work overtime to bring you total warmth.

Trick: Get a routine checkup.
Treat: Before switching on your heat this fall, call Cool Techs for an annual fall checkup. We’ll do a thorough maintenance check so you can be certain things will operate smoothly once those temperatures dip.

Warmth Is Only a Call Away

Don’t take a chance on something creepy infiltrating your heating system this Halloween. Prep your home now for perfect indoor comfort that will last the entire fall season. From furnace repair in Linden, VA, to maintenance of heat pumps and boilers, Cool Techs will warm you up! Call us today at 540.631.1242.