Commercial Air Conditioning

Our Services Are Comfortably Chill

Air conditioning in the Virginia heat is a godsend—and a necessity. It doesn’t matter if you own a small coffee shop, a big industrial warehouse or a medium-sized doctor’s office. You need air conditioning to conduct business and keep your clients and customers comfortable and happy.

Fortunately, whatever your business cooling needs or your budget, there are commercial air conditioning solutions. Still, commercial cooling is a pretty big deal and you will probably have plenty of questions. This is where Cool Techs comes in. Commercial air conditioning is what we do. Call us to assess your business and recommend the best cooling option for your company.

Really Cool Solutions

Before you decide on a commercial air conditioning system, let us provide a short lesson on your options.

Here are the three different types of commercial air conditioning:

Single split commercial air conditioning
This is an ideal system that is best suited for smaller commercial spaces. It provides each room with its own heating and cooling, so it’s perfect for individual offices or a smaller business workspace. It delivers excellent energy efficiency and often has the best Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating.

Multi-split commercial air conditioning
Multi-split units are the most popular commercial cooling choice for medium-sized businesses (like restaurants) or somewhat larger commercial spaces. With these systems, multiple indoor units can be combined and used with one outside hub.

VRF (variable refrigerant flow) commercial air conditioning
VRF commercial air conditioning uses refrigerant to both cool and heat your space. These relatively new systems are highly energy efficient, flexible and a popular choice for many business owners.

At Your Service

When your business needs commercial air conditioner solutions, call the coolest techs around! Cool Techs can service, install, repair and maintain all of your commercial cooling needs.