Waddle It Be for Your Home’s Heat?

Try a New Boiler

Penguins who huddle together would agree—there is nothing more important than a cozy space. So, when it comes to the comfort level of your home—especially during those colder months—it’s always good to have heating options. And at Cool Techs Mechanical, we offer them to you.

In addition to our furnaces, heat pumps, forced air and ductless mini-split systems, we also offer another way to heat your home—the boiler. The boiler is a super efficient heating option that relies on water to heat your home rather than air.

Boilers 101

So, how does a boiler work? Simple. A boiler consists of two parts: the tank that heats the water and the pipe network that carries the heated water throughout your house. It works by heating water inside a tank. As the boiler heats the water, the water then flows through the pipe system. The warmed pipe system then radiates through your walls and floorboards to efficiently and evenly disperse warmth throughout your entire house.

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to heat your home, we recommend the boiler as a great energy saver and a super cozy choice.

Get Boiling Glad With These Benefits

While it’s a given that a highly efficient boiler will provide you with monthly savings, what are some other benefits? Great question. When you choose to install a new boiler from Cool Techs, you’ll also get the following paybacks:

  • Cleaner air. Boiler heat doesn’t utilize ductwork to heat your home because the heat is radiated through your home’s pipes. This means you won’t have any dust particles floating through your ductwork and spilling out through your vents.
  • Fresher indoor feeling. Radiated heat, such as that from a boiler, isn’t forced through a duct system. The result is a much different type of feel. The air feels fresher and is more evenly distributed.
  • Quieter operation. Typically with forced air systems, you can hear the heat as it kicks on, plus there is often noise created when the air circulates out through the vents. With a boiler, you’ll only hear the sound of silence.

Full Steam Ahead!

When you’re ready to make the heating switch to a new boiler or if you need boiler repair, call the experts at Cool Techs Heating & Air. We can service and install all types of boilers from most leading brands. Call our qualified customer-friendly professionals today at 540.631.1242!