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That’s Us!

A successful business is the result of many factors. From well-trained employees and streamlined practices to excellent leadership and competitive wages, a company cannot thrive without proper guidance and a positive environment. And while we can’t help with the education of your workers or the salaries they take home, we actually can help with their indoor comfort levels!

If your business runs on a heating system that is over 15 years old, it could be time to retire the system entirely. Don’t skimp on the indoor comfort your employees need. Remember, their productivity is based on how happy they are. And a freezing cold employee is not a happy camper!

Time to Retire

Change can be good. If you’re considering replacing your commercial heating system with a new one, Cool Techs can help with this decision! Here are five signs it’s time to retire that old heating system and install a new one:

  • Age. Does your commercial heating unit look like a big hunk of rusted metal? Is it over 15 years old? Call us; it’s time for a replacement.
  • Inconsistent heating. If your HVAC system is giving some employees the cold shoulder and leaving others sweating, it’s time to let a professional investigate.
  • Noises. Loud clanks and bangs are not normal. If you’re noticing an abnormal amount of strange noises coming from your HVAC unit, these are sure signs it’s time for something new.
  • Constant malfunctions. If you’re regularly calling for service or maintenance on your heating system, something is off kilter. Rather than spending money on repetitive repairs, invest in a new system.
  • Productivity is down. Are employees cranky? Wearing extra coats? Complaining about their chilly office space? Don’t disregard these signs. Poor morale is contagious and can decrease your business’s level of productivity.

Warm Heat, Happy Feet

There are many commercial heating systems available these days. And it doesn’t matter if you own a large industrial company or a small one-floor business. Our technicians can help you choose the most affordable, efficient, appropriate commercial option for your needs.

We install, repair, service and maintain all of the following types:

  • Oil and gas steam heating systems
  • Gas or oil water heating systems
  • Heat pump systems
  • Natural energy

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