Home Heating Tips to Love This Valentine’s Day!

Try Them With the People You Love

Valentine’s Day is a sweet winter holiday that invokes images of cozy evenings at home—snuggling and staying warm by the crackling fire. But there’s no reason why that cozy feeling needs to be restricted to just Valentine’s Day! What if you could bottle that heat all winter long? We’re betting you’d really be feeling the love then, right?

Well, you’re in luck! When it comes to home heating, Cool Techs has years of experience with what truly works for homeowners. So, grab your loved ones and some candy hearts and cozy up next to the fire—because we’ve got a lovely list of suggestions for you!

5 Easy Tips for Keeping a Warm Home This Winter

So, in addition to the warm snuggles and sweet kisses this month, there are a handful of other great ways you can stay warm inside your happy home. Even better, these cozy tips will help you save money on that energy bill. So, huddle up and listen. Here we go:

  • Check your damper. Got a real wood fireplace? If so, you’ll want to be certain your damper is closed when you’re not enjoying a toasty fire. Keeping the damper closed tightly helps cut back on any cold air that might seep into your living space.
  • Call for a tune-up. Prevention is always the key! Be sure to have your heating system serviced each year for ultimate performance. Cool Techs even offers two comprehensive residential service plans to help keep your systems in check through every season.
  • Seal those windows. Be sure windows are sealed properly during the winter months. Use caulk or weather stripping to seal air leaks around windows and doorframes.
  • Move your sofa. We’re not talking feng shui here. We’re talking about keeping your home as warm as possible! Be sure your sofa isn’t blocking vents or radiators. If it is, you could be blocking warmth from flowing into your living area.
  • Upgrade your boiler. Is your boiler over 10 years old? If your home isn’t showing you the same kind of warm love it has in the past, then it might be time for a new one. Fortunately, today’s boilers use less energy while still providing excellent heat. At Cool Techs, we are experts in the area of energy-efficient boilers. Contact our office today with any questions you may have!

Huddle Up to Better Heat Now

Still not feeling enough heat? If the bitter cold season still has you on the chilly side, it could be time to re-evaluate your home’s heating system. Call Cool Techs today when you need furnace repair, heat pump installation, boiler upgrades or other heating maintenance!