November Is National Adoption Month!

Stay Warm and Cozy in Your Happy Home

The month of November brings one of America’s most anticipated holidays—Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season and opens our hearts as we reflect upon our blessings and good fortune.

To piggyback on this thread of thankfulness, the United States also celebrates the wonderful gift of adoption each November! The first major effort to promote adoption awareness was started by Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis in 1976 when he initiated Adoption Week. By 1990, the effort had expanded to encompass the entire month, with a special designated “National Adoption Day” on Nov. 18. Today, nearly 135,000 children are adopted in the United States each year.

To spread greater awareness about this important topic, here are five interesting facts about adoption:

  1. Adopted children experience more social success and happiness.
  2. Adoption laws are different by state.
  3. The first known adoption law was enacted in 1851.
  4. Adoption can cost up to $50k.
  5. Families in the U.S. adopt more children than the rest of the world.

Giving Thanks for Happy Kids and Warm Homes

Quite naturally, U.S. adoptive parents give thanks each November for the joy their children have brought to their lives. Bringing a child into a warm, happy home is a gift to appreciate. And, of course, as homeowners, we know keeping a warm comfy home for a new family member is extremely important!

Here are five fascinating facts about your furnace—something you should most definitely give thanks for because it keeps you and those you love warm!

  1. Furnaces are the most popular way to heat homes.
  2. The furnace can be traced back to the Romans in 1200 BC.
  3. The word furnace comes from the Greek word “fornax,” which means oven.
  4. High efficiency furnaces can last up to 20 years.
  5. Furnaces can prevent your pipes from freezing.

Love Your Family, Love Your Home

If you’re already an adoptive family, we celebrate you! If you are interested in adoption, you can learn more here. Adoption is one of the most loving, rewarding and giving ways to add warmth to your home. Speaking of warmth, we highly recommend an annual furnace checkup to keep everyone warm and toasty! Call Cool Techs today for any of the following winter checks:

  • Furnace inspection
  • Indoor air quality maintenance
  • Commercial heating issues
  • Heat pump maintenance

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